Apricale received this year, together with 30 other villages in the whole of Italy, the certificate:
Uno dei borghi piu' belli d'Italia, which translates to:
"one of the most beautiful villages in Italy"

The village was also one of the 5 villages in the "entroterra" (backlands) of Liguria to receive the "Bandiera arancia"(orange flag) which is given to villages that sustain quality tourisme. Meaning there should be art and culture, natural beauty, tranditions kept alive, gastronomic history, artisans at work etc.

Apricale also received as only village in the province of Imperia an ISO 14001 certificate which is given to "townhalls" that deal with enviromental issues properly.Mentaining the quality of it's surroundings, quality of services offered, safety etc.